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SuperSonic 22 Combo amp reverb questions for the amp guys

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  • SuperSonic 22 Combo amp reverb questions for the amp guys

    Hi, so those who are good with amps, schematics, circuits, I'm thinking the weakest link on my Supersonic combo is the reverb is just not splashy enough, on 10 it feels like a DRRI reverb pot on 4, but not as metallic. It just feels weak and distant. This is with all supersonics btw not with my amp in particular, but can I mod the reverb circuit easily to give me what I'm looking for?

    I'm not very good with circuits and schematics so bear with me.

    Supersonic 22 schem:

    now, I'm looking at R167 (1M resistor) and R75 (3.3M resistor) right after the 100k B pot. So those are the reverb attenuator resistor, the reverb mix resistor, and those are after reverb intensity pot right?

    In a blackface deluxe reverb, are these values normally a 470k attenuator resistor (letting more wet signal through), and does the 3.3M mix resistor usually have a bright cap (letting more high frequencies through) ? does it look like changing to these values/adding the bright cap at that spot in my SS22 would give it a little more reverb earlier on the dial? Or is there definitely more going on?

    Pretty sure the supersonic 22 reverb tank is the same as the DRRi.
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