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Need recommendation for goog KT66 amp

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  • Need recommendation for goog KT66 amp

    Session guy said he likes them best for blues and jazz work, have a natural throaty sound. His is a custom build. Can't seem to find much out about them except some worship like reviews from harp players.

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    Re: Need recommendation for goog KT66 amp

    mid 60's (say, 1966 or 1967) Marshall JTM45 circuit. Badda-bing.
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      Re: Need recommendation for goog KT66 amp

      I use KT66s in my JTM45 and I also use them in my mini Jubilee. The Vintage Modern Marshalls used them stock and they come stock in the Marshall Astoria line. The Astoria and mini Jubilee are cathode biased so you can plug in and play any of the large octal tubes.

      You can put them in stock 5881 equipped Marshalls as long as they physically fit (900s may not have enough space between tube sockets and the early bluebreaker combo reissues need a larger cab or a modified cab). But this may not be the case with other brands, such as Fenders because of the heater current. The heater current of the KT66 is 1.3 amps or virtually the same as EL34s. The current draw of 6L6s is only 0.9 amps. The current production Tung Sol KT66 has 0.9 current draw but is reported to sound like a kT66. The KT66 sound is NOT quite the same as 5881/6L6.

      Fixed bias Marshalls running 6550s or EL34s should probably take them with out mods as long the bias pot has enough range to adjust the bias.


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        Re: Need recommendation for goog KT66 amp

        I'm using an Avatar 45, which is a tweaked JTM 45 clone. KT66 tubes. The tweak is basically a tighter low end, and it's actually 45 watts. Great rock and blues sound, with a hotter pickup or a boost, it's easy to be in Humble Pie at the Fillmore.