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Tone Capsules, New (Nu) tubes, alternative 'tubes',

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  • Tone Capsules, New (Nu) tubes, alternative 'tubes',

    [SIZE=2]These have been around a while, has anyone owned a Blues Cube ? Looking at the Roland Tone capsule, as used inside the Blues Cube amps, you would be mistaken for thinking it's a valve-or works like one or could be a replacement for vacuum tubes. Vox have come up with something similar called 'Nu tubes'. In both cases they are chips or power chips that shape the voicing and whole character of the amp.. With the Roland you can change them and this re configures the amp so you end up with a different amp. The 'New York Blues' is in fact a British Vox type sound. They do a Steve Vai capsule. These amps have been endorsed by the likes of Eric Johnson, Robben Ford, George Benson and Steve Vai. Problem is,each capsule costs as much as a many SS amps! Both Roland & Vox make very good products but I don't think we have seen the last of vacuum tube despite the drawbacks; you can even get a 'Nano' vacuum tube. ...
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