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Pre-Owned USA Peavey 6505+ 120w head n "Parts Cab" FINALLY A RIG OF MY OWN

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  • Pre-Owned USA Peavey 6505+ 120w head n "Parts Cab" FINALLY A RIG OF MY OWN

    I have been playing since I was 12 and it's always been my dream to have my own real-deal stack (half-stack really). I am a plumber, and I have three kids, so while I make good money, the kids come 1st, so my budget isnt the highest. But I saved up some money, n sold some old gear, and after a long time searching and researching on a DAILY basis, I finally put something together, and I couldn't be happier. It's a truly badass rig, and a beautiful thing!

    I bought a USA made Peavey 6505+. The power tubes were good but the preamp tubes were all mixed up. I tried some new electroharmonics tubes, but they sounded like garbage in this amp. (Definitely DO NOT recommend ElectroHarmonics 12ax7's in this amp) I did this because the preamp tubes that were good in the amp were already EHM. This was one of those cases where spending, no, INVESTING rather, some good money was necessary and well worth it. I bought 6 brand new JJ 12ax7's, and put them all in, and WOW did this amp really come into own!!

    I was planning on building my own 2x12 cab, but after I got my speakers, I went into a local shop and under a bunch of other stuff, all by its lonesome, sat a 4x12 Crate cab in near perfect condition. The lightbulb came on! It had no price on it so I asked one of the guys in there I know pretty well, n he ended up letting it go to me for $80. So, while I was there, I ordered one more Eminence Swamp Thang and one more Eminence Texas Heat, to go with the other pair of the same that I had just gotten delivered to the house. I also went home and ordered a good Plug & Play jack-plate. When the jack plate and speakers arrived, I opened up the Crate cab, removed the 30 watt crap Crate 12's and installed the 2 new pairs of Eminence 12's, and removed the stock Crate input jack and made some minor changes to the back of the cab to accommodate the Plug & Play jack and installed it, then I wired it all up per the diagram that came with the Plug & Play jack-plate and put the cab back together again. Now it's a a cab with PURPOSE and all the potential in the world. The crate speakers may have been garbage, but let me say, you can't get a better, more solid platform for a rebuild for less than $100 bucks ANYWHERE! I literally made something out of nothing n created a MONSTER, and I couldn't ask for anything better. I did have to exercise patience in the breaking-in proces. But I did this by isolating the cab and using a special AUX cable to run my stereo through it and gradually increase the volume over a several day period. (A VALUABLE TIP I got from a magnificent amp repair guy in my area! Kudos to Dave!)

    After opening and completely cleaning the amp, checking the power tubes (4-Ruby 6L6GCMSTR's), replacing the preamp tubes (6-JJ 12ECC83S's), and making sure EVERYTHING was as it should be there, and putting my cab together and breaking in the speakers... It was GO TIME!

    I got a good audio cable to run from the amp to the cab as well. Another valuable piece of knowledge from my amp guy... "Your amp & cab are 90% or more of your overall tone... DO NOT go "cheap" when it comes to that part of it all!"

    When I finally plugged into my new rig and finally turned it off standby and rolled up the volume on my guitar, and started to play, IT WAS THE MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE I have had since I played my 1st electric guitar at the age of 12... (I am now 35). I couldn't stop. And the more I rolled up the post-gain, the better it got! It's LOUD, its MEAN, and it DEFINITELY CHUGGS! The low-end I get is like nothing I've ever played through before. My buddy has a Mesa Mark V 35, and a Mesa Dual Rec that he runs through a Mesa 4x12, and even his doesn't sound like this. He's since come by a few times to hang out, and he agrees with me. The roles have reversed, and now he's the one coming by my place always wanting to plug in and take MY rig for a ride. Don't be mistaken, neither of us would dare say my rig is "better" or "superior", it's just a different sound. I personally love the tone(s) I get better than anything else I've ever played through, but that has alot to do with the time I get to spend with it, and learning how it works. It's been awesome to learn my way around this amp, and how a little tweak here and a slight turn of a knob there can completely offer up a new sound. Now, anyone thinking about buying a head like this has to understand, YOU HAVE TO CRANK IT... You HAVE TO! There's just no two ways about it. If you're not at 3 on the post-gain, or HIGHER, your simply NOT able to use this amp as it was made to be used. BUT when you do!... It's a truly glorious thing, and you are no longer just playing, but having an EXPERIENCE. It's a great experience everyday, when I get to walk through the door of my garage, plug in, and jam. I dont even play in a band, it's just a hobby. But guitars and making music are by far the best thing in life, besides wife, kids, n family (and they all share it with me, they come n hang out. My wife loves to listen and I'm teaching 2 of my 3 kids to play and they both use gear I've given them that they practice on now. And when they come in the garage and show me they've taken the time to learn what I've taught them each week, if they want (and they always do!) I let them plug into my rig and play it, and whatever else they want for a while. I think it is important for them to understand how far they can take it, if they truly want to and dedicate themselves.

    I know this is a LONG post, but it's basically a small outlet for me to express the pure joy and happiness I've found once more in this journey we all share in search of TONE. We constantly are searching, and learning, but the times when we actually FIND what we are looking for, and are truly blown away, well they come few and far between. It may seem to some, like a trivial thing. Like just another used gear find. But to a guy like me, it's the culmination of a life-long dream, some time and determination, a good amount of hours spent researching and then DIY, also a good deal of trial, error, and frustration along the way, but what all ultimately came together, for me personally, PERFECTLY!

    I just felt I wanted to share this, for any others out there who may want something similar, but don't think they have the money, or the means, or ANYONE at all who may be interested in just a good story! If you want something, don't let anything get in your way. Gear doesn't have to come from the pages in a catalogue with the huge price-tag to land in your garage. It can come from ANYWHERE, even your own two hands. And as long as you plug into it, and the sound makes YOU feel good, and motivates YOU to pick up that guitar and PLAY, that's really the ONLY THING that matters at all, isn't it?!

    I'd love any input from anyone with a similar story, or from anyone with any similar gear. I'd love to hear any tips, tricks, ideas, thoughts, and/or suggestions. Also, if anyone else may be thinking about putting something together for themselves and has any questions, I'd be happy to help or offer up any info or suggestions that may be helpful in any way.

    Keep on Jammin' in the Free World!!!
    "As I look back over a misspent life, I find myself more and more convinced that I had more fun PLAYING MY GUITAR than in any other enterprise. It IS really the life of KINGS...."

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    Re: Pre-Owned USA Peavey 6505+ 120w head n "Parts Cab" FINALLY A RIG OF MY OWN

    Absolutely awesome man!

    Those 6505s really do some business! And I agree with your JJ's tube choice as well.

    I built a similar cabinet from an empty used Randall cabinet I got for $40.

    Those swap thangs need some volume to break them up, but they chug like demons!

    Congrats on getting a legit rig, let those ears ring!
    Go buy my book.


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      Re: Pre-Owned USA Peavey 6505+ 120w head n "Parts Cab" FINALLY A RIG OF MY OWN

      Awesome story! Well done and well played! Anything that can take you back to your first love and encourage you to play more is worth it. Keep on rockin'!
      "Live by the Groove, Die by the Groove."


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        Re: Pre-Owned USA Peavey 6505+ 120w head n "Parts Cab" FINALLY A RIG OF MY OWN

        Congrats on your new rig!! Glad its bringing you such joy! Keep Rockin!!
        Believe me when I say that some of the most amazing music in history was made on equipment that's not as good as what you own right now.

        Jol Dantzig


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          Re: Pre-Owned USA Peavey 6505+ 120w head n "Parts Cab" FINALLY A RIG OF MY OWN

          Dude....I know EXACTLY the feeling you are talking about... when I acquired my first real Tube halfstack, it was music boner 24/7!!!