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Bedroom level tube amp hack?

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    Re: Bedroom level tube amp hack?

    Good tube amp tone at "whisper-level" volume requires loading the amp down with a dummy load and re-amping (either via poweramp+speaker or DAW+speaker iR).
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      Re: Bedroom level tube amp hack?

      Originally posted by chadd View Post
      I find it interesting that you hear a difference with the Katana when using something in the loop to reduce the preamp volume.
      I use the katana on .5 watt mode with the master volume at about 5% for bedroom playing and even then with the amount of preamp gain being used it's still considerably loud for playing at 2 a.m. once I get home from work and everyone else is asleep. And lowering the volume anymore just makes everything muddy and lacking character. So instead I set my tones up for "house to myself, middle of the day" volumes and then I lower my zooms "global volume" down to about 25 for early evening playing and 10-15 for my 2 a.m. sessions. With my 2 a.m. session set up I can play with decent sounds while my girlfriend sleeps 5 feet away, but we sleep with the TV on so it's not exactly "whisper quiet" but any quieter and the acoustic sound from a solid body would drown out your amplified sound.