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Hughes and Kettner Black Spirit 200 vs. Randall RD45H Diavlo

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  • Hughes and Kettner Black Spirit 200 vs. Randall RD45H Diavlo

    Hey folks,

    I am in the market for a new amp head, and I am currently choosing between the two above stated amplifiers. I understand one is technically a transistor and the other is a tube, so the comparison isn't as true as it could be.

    I really want a tube amp because I've been using solid state for years, (Mustang 3 v1 and Mustang 5 v2). The reason the Black Spirit is on my list is because I have seen that it is very tube-like without having the trouble of replacing tubes. Still, comparing it to other tube amps, particularly the Grandmeister Deluxe 40, it seems to come up a little short in tube tone. I like the Randall Diavlo because it has both a clean setting and an overdrive, and it's a tube. It's also in my price range. I'm not looking to go over $1000 bucks. The Black Spirit has just about everything tone-wise as well.

    I'd like to say that I prefer versatility because I personally play metal, but my band and I use slightly driven crunchy tones for a classic rock feel. I think I would need some form of clean channel, some crunchy tone, and a high gain one.

    My question is... Since the Randall is a cheaper than average tube amp, is it richer, (tube tone-wise) than the more expensive transistor Black Spirit?

    Also, if any of you guys have any tube head suggestions other than these, I'd be happy to check those out as well.

    Thanks dudes!

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    Re: Hughes and Kettner Black Spirit 200 vs. Randall RD45H Diavlo

    I own a GM40D, and I would get the Randall. To my ears the BS200 lacks the low end punch high gain amps usually have, making it sound tinny.

    For classic rock, and staying with H&K, I'd look for a used TM18 or 36, probably not far off the price of the Randall, and way more versatile.
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