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NAD ENGL Fireball 100!

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  • NAD ENGL Fireball 100!

    Its been a few weeks since i got this mint fb100 but i dont think ill ever not be in the honeymoon phase! Best amp ive ever heard imo! This coming from someone whos owned tonnes of amps, pv 6505, dual rec, jcm800, ampeg vh140, ampeh ss150, pv jsx, pv vtm120, & many more.

    Ive never played the original fb60 which is said to have problems cutting due to a lack of mids but i feel 100% that they obviously addressed the issue in the fb100. This amp has a smooth but aggressive fat gain almost as if its been mixed and mastered. Thick pronounced low/mid mids especially when the mid boost is engaged. Very saturated and compressed (which i love) its just a total beautiful beast! Lol.

    Hope its ok to repost my demo vid for it (i posted it in the tips n clips section as well) figured it should be here with the write up.

    Trying to grow my crudtastic gear channel and have been putting higher quality and more effort in to em. Like n sub! Eyeroll.

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    Re: NAD ENGL Fireball 100!


    . . . sounds good !

    I am a bit of a closet Engl fan (for hi-gain stuff) myself !
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