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PRS MT 15 3 different guitars and pickups

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  • PRS MT 15 3 different guitars and pickups

    This is one of the most dynamic amps I have owned and REALLY shows a different side with different guitars and pickups.
    3 of my Carvin/ Kiesels 2 maple neck alder body with a Floyd one a hardtail in KOA with 3 different pickup set same amp and cab. Cab is a Blackstar 1/12 loaded with a WGS Retro 30 only effects is an old Boss DD3 in the loop.
    First 2 solo voice singing clips
    ST 300 with the Dimarzio Gravity Storm Liquifire set solo voice to a track.
    KOA hardtail DC 127 Alt8 Sentient set track singing solo tones
    Kiesel DC 127 solo Perpetual Burn and Carvin AP11's showing cleans and crunches
    ST 300 solo
    Same cab similar eq and gain only effect is the old Boss DD3 in the loop.
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    Kiesel DC 135, Carvin AE 185, DC 400, DC 127 KOA, DC 127 Quilt Purple, X220C, PRS Custom 24, Washburn USA MG 122 proto , MG 102, MG 120.
    Amps PRS Archon 50 head, MT 15, Mesa Subway Rocket, DC-5, Carvin X50B Hot Rod Mod head, Zinky 25watt Blue Velvet combo.