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Any Laney Lionheart User Here??~~

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  • Any Laney Lionheart User Here??~~

    I need help....... L20T 4x10 or 1x12, both used UK Made? The 4x10 P10R's is less than 1/2 the price of the 1x12 G12H30-55, but it's more of a back-breaker, though either amp will really be going out much, if at all. Pluses, drawbacks, favourites out there? Much obliged. FWIW I've owned L5T head & combos, & a L20H head. I've always liked the punch of 4x10"s, but don't want to lose too much of that sweet low end & overall beauty that the G12H30-55 is famous for!!??? Truly different animals?
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    Re: Any Laney Lionheart User Here??~~

    I don't think it's technically a Lionheart, even though it's an LH50 ii, which sounds like it should be. But, I love my LH50. Nice, fat cleans (not Fender clean, but nice) with a great British sounding distortion. Decent digital reverb, effects loop, bright switch, and 2 channels. The volume is usable the whole range. 2 El34s and 4 12AX7s and a great used price since no one seems to give Laney much credit or know much about them. Made in China but well made.

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      Re: Any Laney Lionheart User Here??~~

      Yep, to answer you title question...I have an L5T, but from your original post I doubt that's of much help to you as I don't have the cabs you are asking about.


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        Re: Any Laney Lionheart User Here??~~

        I have an L5 studio running thru a 2x12 with wgs et65s. Love the amp! So perfect for home studio or bedroom use.

        I run mine in.5w mode mostly.

        I would go with the 4x10 as the lionhearts tend to have a looser low end.
        Either way, you cant go wrong. Both are lionhearts!