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  • Thoughts? Laney Cab
    Originally posted by Bad City
    He's got the crowd on his side and the blue jean lights in his eyes...

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    Re: Thoughts? Laney Cab

    The speakers are probably worth that, especially if they are made in the UK. It's basically the same as a Marshall cab of that era, except you won't get a Marshall for that price.

    *EDIT* Apparently there is a lot of love and hate for the G12M-70s, I don't remember what was in my old Marshall cabs, so I can't comment. You probably want to take an amp and try out the cab. The good news is the cab looks to be all wood and not MDF.
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      Re: Thoughts? Laney Cab

      People don't like the 12M-70 for the same reasons that are given for not liking the JB; they think that they sound ice picky. Personally, I don't hear it. I like that quality in them because they tend to be able to cut through a mix well.

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        Re: Thoughts? Laney Cab

        It's worth it for the cab alone, if you don't like the speakers sell them for $25 a piece & you have a cab for $50 outlay.

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          Re: Thoughts? Laney Cab

          It's probably plenty durable but if it's anything like my AOR50 combo excessively heavy.


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            Re: Thoughts? Laney Cab

            It's a nice solid cab..I have the Camo version. Change speakers according to taste. I've got the HH...people grumble about them but I think they sound fine ..The trick is to dial your amp's treble back a bit more than you normally would ..they actually have a nice sweet top end if you use your ears to dial your tone in
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              Re: Thoughts? Laney Cab

              I have no experience with the cab but I do have with the matching amp. If the cab is half as well made as the head then it's a good deal.
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