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Orange rocker 32 with pedals or a helix LT?

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    Re: Orange rocker 32 with pedals or a helix LT?

    Originally posted by devastone View Post
    Invalid argument, a lot of modern "greats" are touring with Kempers or Axe-Fx units now. If today's modelers had existed 30 years ago I'm sure more people on your list (many of which are no longer with us) would would have used them. Not to mention the people on your list have places where they can play their tube amps at volumes where they can sound good. YJM had a studio in his house where he can have his Marshalls cranked without disturbing others. A 10W tube amp would be pushing too loud for my little house.

    I only have a few basic sounds on my modeler, and strangely enough they are very similar to the sounds I had when I used amps, not that I'm great or anything, it's just the way I use it, I don't need or want to program a wide variety of tones. As far as feel goes, it's not as big a deal as people are making it out to be, a tube amp at bedroom volumes is not pushing the power tubes at volumes where the "tubey compression" comes into play. FWIW, most modern high gain amps have very clean power sections because all the dirt is generated in the preamp.

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    I have to agree with this. No matter if it is a modeler or an amp/pedals, an artist is an artist. The tool they use is irrelevant, really. They will use anything they have to make a unique sound.
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      Re: Orange rocker 32 with pedals or a helix LT?

      Originally posted by Demanic View Post
      IMHO, power tube distortion is good for some sounds, but not necessarily modern high gain styles.

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      And the cleaner/more linear your run a tube power section, the less you can tell it from a good SS power section, it is adding very little to the overall tone.


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        Re: Orange rocker 32 with pedals or a helix LT?

        My advice is to go with the Helix LT. I had one for a year and a half. It was the best modeler I've ever owned for my tastes (and that includes the Kemper and Eleven Rack). I'm back to all tube format now, but I have the freedom to play loud. If I was going to go back to a modeler, I would go with another Helix. Maybe the stomp. In fact, I may still get a stomp just to have around.

        P.S. I've owned more boutique tube amps than I can even remember at this point. And the Helix most definitely "didn't suck" in comparison. The Friedman tones in there were very similar to the slew (six?) of real Friedmans that I've had. I dialed my Helix Friedman tones into match the BE100 head that I had at the same time. I also tweaked the Helix Deluxe Reverb tones to match the real Deluxe that I had at the same time as well. Those tones come VERY close to the real thing. I was also able to dial-in some amazing, stunning, ambient stereo Gilmour tones (IE... the intro and verses on Pulse's "Shine On You Crazy Diamond") in with the Helix, that I was not able to fully recreate using my real tube gear.
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          Re: Orange rocker 32 with pedals or a helix LT?

          OK, my tech advisor is very happy w/ Crush 35RT. He plays clean, mostly. Dicky Betts stuff. My question, as TechWreck, is can I save $50 by getting a 20, or should I break the bank for the 20RT? Doesn't everyone need reverb?
          Thanks, yall. Speak up, MincerDude!

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            Re: Orange rocker 32 with pedals or a helix LT?

            Thanks guys I went with the helix LT with a headrush frfr112. If it works out I will get another 112 later on for stereo. Or a better frfr setup. It’s supposed to be here Friday.