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Experience with ISO Cabs and ISO "Amps"

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  • Experience with ISO Cabs and ISO "Amps"

    Good day,

    For anyone who has use Isolation Cabinets/Boxes in live settings, how would you compare it to without one for tone?

    Also, I learned that combo amps cannot really be put into a box for sound purposes because they overheat too easily when enclosed like that whereas cabs are fine in this regard. How would I mitigate the heat problem for a combo amp in this regard?

    I'm thinking of custom building an isolation box for combo amps and/or cabs, but I need to solve the heat problem with combo amps. Any suggestions?

    Thank you,

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    Re: Experience with ISO Cabs and ISO "Amps"

    In any setting you get great isolation from extraneous noise. I have a killer Demeter Iso box. I used it live a few times but for bar/club/backyard gigs it wasn't practical. Big, heavy and not worth the extra effort. For tracking in a simple home studio environment it works a treat for me as I HATE tracking guitar with headphones as they just slow me down. Stick the iso box someplace where cranked studio monitors can't get inside and get to work. Anything that I can do to make the recording process easier really helps me be more creative.

    As for sticking a combo in an iso box, there's really no point. Use the combo as a head and feed an iso cab.


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      Re: Experience with ISO Cabs and ISO "Amps"

      Thank you for your input; weight is a factor that I will definitely consider when designing my own.