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Noisy Wiring/Noisy Amps?

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  • Noisy Wiring/Noisy Amps?

    So to start, I have something weird going on in the wiring of my house. I've pretty much narrowed this down, because I have a battery powered/AC amp that has tons of buzz when I use wall power (have even tried reversing the plug polarity, with no good result.) Yet when using battery power all my guitars play through it with no noise. I also don't hear any noise other than 60 cycle hum where applicable when playing through an audio interface.

    I only have this issue when plugged into the wall, BUT: for whatever reason my Jackson Soloist is still totally noise free; and my Jazzmaster (even with RWRP/both pickups selected) makes much more noise than the rest. My other guitars (both humbucker and single-equipped) make a more marginal amount of noise, but are still noisy. So takeaways:
    • Would a power conditioner solve for the noise somewhat (given the two amps in question are a 5 watt Vox AC4 and a Silverface Champ?) Should I be looking toward another solution first?
    • Why would certain guitars be affected by the wall issue more than others? I get that Jazzmaster pickups are huge noise antennas, but shouldn't it not matter if I have RWRP and both pickups engaged?
    • I'm sure this isn't a ground issue with the guitars - I just totally ripped apart my Jazzmaster's wiring and checked all possible places, bridge etc. for ground continuity with a multimeter. I even created (then repaired) a ground issue just to experiment and understand how a ground buzz would come through, and it's not that
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    Re: Noisy Wiring/Noisy Amps?

    I have a Monster Power 1 - MP AP200 I keep in my gig bag for situations where I get into with noisy wiring. It has helped 99.9% of the time. Not sure if they still sell them but I am sure you can find something comparable.

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