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    Re: Tuki amp covers

    I have a pair for my Ampeg head and cab. Avoids dents, bumps and scrapes, keeps things from going through the grill. Cheaper than a flight case and just right if you are moving around a lot but not flying.
    Originally posted by Demanic
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    Originally posted by GuitarFanatic
    I am currently using Skullcandy headphones I found in the garbage.
    I did find the DS-1 in the garbage.
    I once found a guitar amp in the garbage, a Peavey Studio 110. It caught fire at the first gig I played it at.. But it was at the end of it, thank god.


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      Re: Tuki amp covers

      Originally posted by ItsaBass View Post
      They are decent padded covers. IMO, they're complete overkill for your amp. $150 amp, and it's so small and light that it's not likely to get trashed getting hauled to and from gigs (if you will even be gigging with it at all).

      I'd just make a plastic dust cover out of some folded and taped heavy plastic sheeting – the kind you put down when you're painting, or throw over your lumber pile if it looks like rain. Fold it around the amp as if you were wrapping a present. Packing tape it up. Trim the bottom edge flush. Cut a hole for the handle. Reinforce all the raw edges with folded over packing tape.

      Or if you wanted to get all fancy with the designs, use an oil cloth table cloth, which are available with a million different prints.
      Old shower curtain with fish on it

      A padded bra

      Anything really
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        Re: Tuki amp covers

        Originally posted by Mincer View Post
        Well, damn, now I am interested in one.
        Talk to Glen and tell him I sent you. I sent him a link to this tread BTW.
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          Re: Tuki amp covers

          Originally posted by ehdwuld View Post
          Old shower curtain with fish on it

          A padded bra

          Anything really
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