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I am finished with being a namebrand snob.

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    Re: I am finished with being a namebrand snob.

    Originally posted by ErikH
    Well, if it's any indication, Marty Friedman is using Crates now, so does Billy Gibbons (V Series), Sammy Hagar, Joe Walsh (acoustic), Richie Blackmore (acoustic), Vernon Reid, the list goes on. That's credible enough.
    I think the only people that will have problems with it are those musicians that are gear snobs. 99% of the audience just won't know or care about the gear you're using. If you can cut through the mix and sound decent, people will be happy.

    Even though I'm a guy that you can consider very picky (sometimes snobbish) about gear, I won't discount something unless I've gotten a chance to play or hear it for myself. I've played some Crates before that simply weren't that bad and I've heard great things about some of them (like the Vintage Clubs).
    Originally posted by kevlar3000
    I learned a long time ago that the only thing that mattered regarding tone was what my ears thought.
    Originally posted by Zerberus
    Better is often the enemy of good
    Originally posted by ginormous
    Covers feed the body, originals feed the soul.


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      Re: I am finished with being a namebrand snob.

      I should try some out next time i'm in the guitar store...sounds interesting!?
      Originally posted by jeremy
      God hates bad guitar tone
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        Re: I am finished with being a namebrand snob.

        Originally posted by B Bent
        Alright guys I have really been GASin for a class a amp for a was my goal to spend this past Saturday checking out Dr. Z amps at a dealer here in Atl. I played the amp that I thought I wanted the Maz 18 Jr. 2x10 with reverb. It was a really sweet amp, but it didn't quite have the breakup I was looking for and quite honestly would be too loud for my use. On to the Carmen sounded great, but in order to get the breakup I was looking for I had to crank it past where it would be usable in the church environment I play in. These both were great amps and I was highly impressed. I just didn't hear the sound I have in my head so I left somewhat disapointed. Since guitar center is just down the street I stopped in. They had many of the really nice names(used) Tophat, Diezil (spelling??) get the picture, but somehow I ended up playing on a blonde Crate V32 which is a class a EL84 amp special edition exclusive to GC.(Not to be mistaken with the black V30) Now in the past I have been a snob about even being seen near a Crate, but a guy I know that worked there convinced me to try it. Let me just say this, after I finally humbled myself to get past my Crate phobia I plugged in a Highway 1 Tele and honestly was in tone heaven!!! That thing sounded awesome!!!! It has a really killer sounding clean and the OD is quite nice as well!! I am not by any means trying to compare Zs with Crate here, but I must say that I am talking more to my guitar buddies about the $599 Crate than I am the Zs that I played. There again the Zs were gorgeous, but so was the price tag$$$$. I have never been too cheap to pay for high end stuff, but I think as soon as I get over my name brand arrogance I will be back for the V32. I would have never believed it, but I was really impressed!!
        Since name brands are not important, hopefully construction methods and parts are. If so, you are ready for a Celtic Amplifier!

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          Re: I am finished with being a namebrand snob.

          I've read a lot of good things about Crates V series, most notabley the 30 watt and thier 15 watt model. Fact is I think I'm going to check out the 15 watt model this coming weekend.


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            Re: I am finished with being a namebrand snob.

            It's funny....if you took that Crate chassis & mounted it in say, a Dr. Z box....everybody would fawn over it.

            They see Crate & automatically dismiss it.

            I've heard nothing but good about the "V" series...and the new Power Block.

            Maybe Crate has been doing its' homework & starting to pick up the pace

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              Re: I am finished with being a namebrand snob.

              i fully agree. my first tube amp was a Crate Vintage Club combo. I compared it to many amps and finally won the final against Marshall 6101 30th Anniversary and Fender Twin.
              Sold it last year because (I thought) it was too loud for my flat and bought a Vox Valvestate - bad decision :-(

              Currenty waiting for my used Marshall Anniversary I bought last week in EBay

              CRATE RULEZ!!!!
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                Re: I am finished with being a namebrand snob.

                Originally posted by jeremy
                i like those crate amps, i dont think the gc v32 is much different than the normal crate v30 but heres my advice if you are picking one up.

                get a set of tubes and speaker thrown in. gtel84s power tubes and whatever preamp tubes you like, i like the 12ax7c variety for a warm bluesy/rock tone. id say put a celestion g12h-30w in there and youll be very happy. itll give you more volume and a better tone
                A+ I have an older Crate VC20 (class A), I've always been a Marshall kinda guy, but when I heard this little used amp at the local GC I too was blown away, I could hear the potential- anyway, I got a good deal on it- took it home, put some JJ's 84's, GT 12axM's and for the PI I took a tip from DrZ and put a GT 12ax7R2, added a Celestion G12-H30 and honestly, this little sucker just sings! Has no problem with keeping up with the Marshall! Very pleased with my little "off-brand" amp.
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