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A n00b amp experience + a pedal question...

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  • A n00b amp experience + a pedal question...

    Well I started out with a Peavey envoy 40 watts. I'm not in a band and I never planned to. I then got a POD for headphone fun and that, but it has way too many models and functions on it. I recently got a 30 watts Laney AOR combo... Here are my conclusions:
    If you practise in your room, tube is pointless (unless it's 1 W). You get a very small (though indeed noticeable) difference at low volume, in the favor of tube, but it often isn't worth the extra money.
    If you only practise in your room, you'll never need over 15 SS Watts.
    So I just thought of those stupid mistakes I made...
    I'll sell the Peavey and the POD and get a Korg Pandora. The Korg will be way handier to carry to Amsterdam and practise there (included drumkit, less useless functions, a bit cheaper...
    I'll keep the AOR but not use it (too loud for now) and retube it as soon as I have a band and I need to gig, and it'll go to Amsterdam and stay there as soon as I can bring it.
    I'll buy a Laney LC15 and a nice Distortion pedal and keep it here in Amsterdam.
    Question is, what pedal?
    Maxon, Visual Sound, Electro Harmonix English Muff'N or the classic Pro Co You Dirty Rat...
    I want a thick sound, not too open, with modern metal gain. If possible more of a British tone, if you see what I mean
    Thanks for the tips and if you beginners read this, remember, think twice before getting something big, expensive, or tube

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    Re: A n00b amp experience + a pedal question...

    Bump: I forgot to include the budget: about 200 pounds or up to 250 euros at the most for the Distortion. Any good advise...?