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holy ****! Engl Savage 120!

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    Re: holy ****! Engl Savage 120!

    I never saw this: I would NEVER , EVER buy an amplifier that´s not in fully functioning condition. Too many things can go wrong, esp in tube Amps one Issue can quickly cause another if it goes unnoticed... the risk of buying it for 887 and soon after having another 200$ repair would have been too great IMO

    And while Engl has great customer service you pay through the nose for non-warranty work, and even if you just put in fresh tubes they´ll generally retube it and drop that charge on top of the actual repair..... at least they did that to my customers a few times... a 100 dollar repair becomes too expensive when there´s another 200$ for tubes and rebiasing involved whether needed or not......
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      Re: holy ****! Engl Savage 120!

      Well yes, that's basically why I decided not to buy..Even though it's a great amp (WHEN IT'S WORKING!) It's too big of a risk.

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