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  • Stereo Amp question...

    I'm running a Line 6 SpiderII combo into a Behringer BG412F Ultrastack at the moment(I don't have a true head yet) and noticed that the Spider has two speaker outputs on the back of it. I've found that running a speaker cable from either of these outputs into the input on the cab cuts power to either the left or right speaker. The cabinet itself has a switch to run in mono(16ohms) or stereo (8ohms). Below each speaker output on the Spider it says Right(8ohms) or Left(8ohms). I was wondering if this is going to cause any problems as far as sound coming through the cab, do I need a special type of speaker cable(one that has two 1/4" jacks into a single 1/4" jack) to get the best sound of the cabinet. I'm currently at my apartment with the cab and combo so I can't crank it up to make sure it's coming out of both sides of the cabinet until later this week when I move everything to the practice space. Also what is the difference between running a cab/head in mono or stereo, I understand the idea behind the ohms but as far as sound goes what is the difference. It will be a few months until I can save up enough for a head so I have to run with this setup as is for the time being. Any help that anyone can give me would be much appreciated!
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    Re: Stereo Amp question...

    You're not running it in stereo; you're running it in dual mono.

    Anyway....set the Berhinger to 8ohm and just run off one jack.
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