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DOD FX-series pedals

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  • DOD FX-series pedals

    How is the quality of the DOD FX-series pedal which include for ex. Mystic blues overdrive, Milkbox compressor etc?

    How is the quality of the pedal, sound, the box, battery length etc?

    Do you own any pedal from that serie?
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    Re: DOD FX-series pedals

    the switches are crap as far as i can tell. they may sound ok, the box isnt half bad and i assume the low drain devices (overdrives) wont eat batterys but the switches are prone to breaking.
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      Re: DOD FX-series pedals

      I used to have the DOD Death Metal Distortion...I had fun with it. It IS better than the Digitech version, than one is DULL.
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        Re: DOD FX-series pedals

        I have an FX40B and more than happy with it

        I still have to play my icebox chorus and classic tube loud to really guage how they sound...


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          Re: DOD FX-series pedals

          The battery access doors drive me nuts. They get broken and/or lost.

          Oh, so that's what an invisible barrier looks like.


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            Re: DOD FX-series pedals

            I've been using the same DOD FX65 Stereo Chorus (for acoustic guitar or the Fishman Transducers on the Parker) for about 8 years with no problems. I prefer it over the Boss Chorus.
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              Re: DOD FX-series pedals

              Dun even bother to try the FX52 fuzz.