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Main differences between 4x10 & 2x12?

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  • Main differences between 4x10 & 2x12?

    Aside from having two more speakers Can someone describe to me what they think are the main differences tonally between the two? Ashamedly, I've never played through a 4 x 10 - the only things I've played through are full stacks and 2 x 12s...
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    Re: Main differences between 4x10 & 2x12?

    12' speakers physically attempt to generate lower frequencies than 10' speakers. This results is a much tighter more defined bass response from 10' speakers. 12's will give you a much looser sound. I'm not sure there are many differences higher up in the audio spectrum, at least I'm not sure you'd really hear them even if they are happening in a scientific sense.

    I know it sounds a tad obvious but it's still worth mentioning. 4x10's cover 40' of air while 2x12's only cover 24'. This means, to my ears at least, 10's in this configuration will sound much bigger. I think a 4x10 will often make a 2x12 sound boxy and small in comparison.

    Hope this helps,
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      Re: Main differences between 4x10 & 2x12?

      10's just sound tighter. Less driver mass for the motor to work back and forth.

      A 4X10 will give you ~314 sq. inches, 2x12 will give you ~226. That's a big difference.

      I had a friend who had an 8X10 peavey box from the mid 70's and that sucker was TIGHT in the low end. That thing would just pummle you! It was cool. Had a matching amp with phase shift built in. It was a fun rig.


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        Re: Main differences between 4x10 & 2x12?

        10" are tight and punchy.
        12" have much more low end, a more round sound (compared to a 10"), more depth. I prefer that.

        My bandmate has a Deville 4x10, and I have a Marshall 4x12 (greenbacks). My tone in live situation is much better, for the style we play (PinkFloyd)
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