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Should I really get a Triple Rec?

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    Re: Should I really get a Triple Rec?

    Originally posted by Metalman_666
    But seriously, I suppose on one level you're right. He was an awesome player but he chose solid state over tube... yes they're stiffer and somewhat sterile but they can also be more aggressive in the way that he liked. You have to give the guy credit for making a cheap amp sing. BTW I'm talking about his earlier Randalls, like the RG100 models.
    I agree with you there....but considering Dime's historical choice in amps I find it hard to seriously consider any amp that he endorses.

    I mean....he swore up and down that he prefered solid state because of it's tighter tracking, then he swore up and down that Krank was the best tube amp he'd ever heard....then he had them re-voice it and they installed a solid state clipping section into his sig head to give him even more stiffness and tighter tracking. So it seems to me that he liked them because of their stiff/tight tracking and solid state feel, then made it even stiffer to suit his own tastes.

    I donno....I try to be appreciative to those who like super tight amps, but I need some good old Mesa sag to keep me happy.
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      Re: Should I really get a Triple Rec?

      haha aright i'm gonna check out the marks but i heard once that those have a very 80s hair metal distortion sound to them (could be right or wrong, i dont know) but id like to have really orange-like cleans with a defined distortion that has that nice chug chug low end but still very articulate in the highs and mids, i guess obviously i should go for an orange but i havent seen a 3 channel orange plus i dont have the cash


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        Re: Should I really get a Triple Rec?

        Originally posted by screamingdaisy
        And probably more importantly, they don't "feel" like a Mesa. One things Krank's are imfamous for is their lack of an organic reaction to your playing (ie, sterile and stiff)....which is half of the reason I suspect that Dime liked them so much. 'Cause lets face it.....Dime was an awesome player.....but he had a piss-poor taste in guitar amps (IMO).
        Sure, if you keep the sovtek 5881's in there, crank the gain and scoop the hell out of the mids you can get a pretty sterile sound outta em...

        I didn't buy mine cause I thought dime's tone was cool...I've never really liked dime's tone actually. Way too stiff and you said. I bought mine cause I had heard a few sound samples here and there, thought it had potential, and got a great deal on it on ebay ($1000, instead of $1600).

        I'll say one thing, the JJ/tesla 6l6GC's really warmed up my revolution. The sovtek 5881's they put in there were ****. Gettin the right set of tubes can make all the difference in the well as setting the bias a tad bit cooler than they had it at the factory.