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Report:MusicMan sounding Great!

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  • Report:MusicMan sounding Great!

    Just wanted to report that my MusicMan 212HD is up and sounding outsanding (yep, I'm a happy camper).
    Went to Scott F's and we went through a bunch of trouble and different speakers before getting it able to take home. We were going to put a V30/G12H30 combo in it, but due to the v30 having cone cry and the high power rating of the amp (130w) setteled on a couple of Texas Heats. He also tweaked my Les Paul which playes great now.
    After playing all day, I forgat how good this amp is. I played loud, soft, claen, dirty and even used a cheep distortion pedal I had from the old days and it took everything I threw at it. Scott had to replace the 12AX7 preamo tube, but the EL34/6CA7 Mallory tubes are the original ones and they are working perfectly.
    The Texas Heats seem to be a perfect match for the amp.
    I haven't been palying for along time and this amp has been down for 15yrs. It still needs alittle love to be "whole" but it is rocking like it used too!
    The Les Paul and amp were bought together back in 1978 and today, they were back together in a happy union.
    Sorry for the long post but I just wanted to let whoever reads this post and is looking for a good neutral amp that will play clean, dirty and play after being drug all over the country, (to include setting out in the garage for the last 7yrs), and come out playing with on the first kick. your going to have a hard time beating the MusicMan.
    Thanks Scott. and thanks all the forum members for getting me inspired to get back at it.

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    Re: Report:MusicMan sounding Great!

    I'm glad that you're digging it, J. That may be one of the most underrated series of amps ever made. Leo Fender did one hell of a job with the amps, just not such a great job with the company. Your experience is a testament to their reliability, even after years of neglect. For your info, that 12AX7 is a phase inverter.

    Again, I'm glad that you're home and I'm glad to hear that you're punishing your environment with loud guitar. It's good for the soul.

    Mr. Way Too Proud of Texas Guy

    Nothing nothing nothing, nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing.


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      Re: Report:MusicMan sounding Great!

      Your right. The family is great, being home is great also. But playing guitar is in a way kind of that Chcken soup/soul thing, It's good to be playing again.

      So what is a phase inverter? Also, did you ever figure out that double pot volume on the effects side thing Scott was talking about?