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  • Fender Blues JR

    ok,anyboyd have any details on this amp? maybe interested in getting one.
    Originally posted by ratherdashing
    Ah yes, a Gibsom Res Paur. Good fortune comes to buyer!

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    Re: Fender Blues JR

    Click here
    I don't own one, But plenty of guy's here do. They are pretty cool amp IMO. This should give a good idea about the amp untill the Blues Jr. mafia chimes in.


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      Re: Fender Blues JR

      Here's some additional tech info:



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        Re: Fender Blues JR

        buy one and send it to Trace to have this done...
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          Re: Fender Blues JR

          My Blues Jr. is a Limited Edition model thats covered in a very cool laquered tweed like the more expensive 50's style amps. This one also includes a green Jensen speaker "under the hood". Very cool amp. I mostly play clean and plugged straight into the amp and this amp is good for that type of playing, and i can guarantee that with some good effects, this amp would probably be mind blowing. Just the perfect smaller sized amp IMO.

          I had a regular Blues Jr. a few years ago in black tolex which also sounded real good, but after awhile the reverb tank quit working. I hear this is common sometimes with these amps but very much worth the money you pay for one.

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          You will probably be hit by a Pontiac fiero on your way to the liquor store or something, and it will just be like hitting the reset button on a Nintendo.


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            Re: Fender Blues JR

            I have one of the original issue tweed models and have been very pleased with it. It's especially good for blues and blues/rock and offers lots of tone for the dollar.
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              Re: Fender Blues JR

              i have a '95 or '96. great amp for the blues/rock/funk/whatever i do.
              mines been modded a little by a few guys, not sure what they did maybe lower the bias, change a couple caps and resistors and put a real input jack in. i use a greenback for the speaker, amperex 12ax7 in v1, a gt12ax7c in v2 and a jan 12at7 in v3 and i think the thing sounds great.

              ive blown it up a few times but i run it wide open ALOT.
              i gig with this thing on a fairly regular basis (smaller clubs) and it gets abused weekly at a jam. considering the amp is 10 years old and was built to a price point, id say its a great amp. if you need a good small tube amp check em out, and if you dont mind putting a little work into it, youll be rewarded with some great tones.
              another great combo with a cleaner tone is a celestion g12h with a 12at7 in v1 with 12ax7's in v2 and v3. little louder speaker, little less preamp gain