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Mesa Rectoverb vs. Mesa Mark IV

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    Re: Mesa Rectoverb vs. Mesa Mark IV

    Originally posted by Metalman_666
    I would say off the bat that the Mark IV is most definitely the better option simply because it's not that modern-only tone. It would be much more versatile, and you should be able to get almost any tone you can think of. I have, however heard a lot about the Rectos being at least somewhat versatile.. perhaps I was misinformed?
    They are capable of different types of tone in the gain channel, but they all have that low end "thud" that you either like or you don't. I think that people need to realize that the "vintage" mode is simply less gain than the "modern" setting, and that it isn't necessarily vintage in tone.

    The clean channel is fine, I have no complaints with it. In fact, it benefits greatly from the accentuated highs and lows, especially with single coils. IMO, of course.
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      Re: Mesa Rectoverb vs. Mesa Mark IV

      Originally posted by vinterland
      Dude if your wanting one of the best cleans ever, look no further than the rectoverb. The thing is just lush to say the least.
      I didn't find the cleans on my Rectoverb to be all that special, in fact they were pretty dry sounding IMO. The cleans from my buddy's Hot Rod Deluxe were much better. That and the impossible-to-dial-out buzz of the gain channel led me to trade it for a VHT Pitbull.

      Again, this is all just my opinion, I know many people that swear by their Rectoverbs.
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        Re: Mesa Rectoverb vs. Mesa Mark IV

        I liked the Mark IV I tried it certainly had that midrange I was looking for, yet not the price. A lot of people I know complain that there was too much versatility, but I like the thought of having that at my fingertips. Personally I would go for a 50 caliber plus, it goes cheap on ebay (for a tube) from anywhere from 400 to 600 dollars. Plus for a 50 watt head, it has an ungodly amount of headroom.