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Reverb Tank Opinions wanted...

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  • Reverb Tank Opinions wanted...

    mainly opinions wanted from those that have experimented a bit...

    two or three springs, 9 inch or 17 inch pan?
    2 spring short 9
    3 spring short 9
    2 spring long 17
    3 spring long 17

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    Re: Reverb Tank Opinions wanted...

    I could be wrong here? But I always thought the Decay time (4th didgit in a Accutronics #) Was more important than the size or # of springs it had. I would Imagine a long 3 springer would sound the most lush. One of the most Lush Verb's I ever had in a Amp was this POS Peavey backstage I had. It was Short and 2 springs. But It had a #3 (Long decay) In the 4th #


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      Re: Reverb Tank Opinions wanted...

      I'm leaving the details up to Jeff Seal who I've "hired" to help me integrate this reverb into the amp. Just curious about what others thought about tanks in general.

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        Re: Reverb Tank Opinions wanted...

        I had a Fender Reverb Tank that was stock as a 2-springer, but when I received it, one of the springs broke....I replaced it with a 3-springer & it was very lush & full.

        As a free standing unit, it was more than I needed, but very cool nonetheless.

        The best I've played to date was in the Mesa Boogie Blue Angel....if you can find a way to duplicate that, you'd have a winner for sure!!!

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          Re: Reverb Tank Opinions wanted...

          My Harvard Reverb IIs (yeah I know they are SS amps, still ...) have incredible deep and smooth reverb, they utilize the three spring short tanks, very long decay and warm, but with still enough brightness to sound airy and atomospheric when *swamped*. The three spring tanks have a greater harmonic diffussion ... plain English, they sound less *spriongy* and more natural tone wise, and they have a smoother and denser decay tail. You can also get them in various decays as well. Personally I'd go for longer as you don't always have to use it. I can get the exact Accutronics number off the tank if need be, and yeah I'd go Accutronics rather than Hammond. FWIW.
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            Re: Reverb Tank Opinions wanted...

            i have a fender ri unit and it had two springs when i got it, had a grounding problem that i didnt feel like messing with so i had it fixed. the guy put a spring tank in there and it sounds great. its been like this since the late 90's and it sounds amazing.

            i vote short tank, 3 springs


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              Re: Reverb Tank Opinions wanted...

              +1 for the Blue Angel reverb. That's a great reverb to go after.
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