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Really cheap amps!!???

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  • Really cheap amps!!???

    Anyone have any good experiences with any really cheap giggable amps? I'm not talking normal economical amps, but rather Peavey bandits on down (Sub-200 range), probably old, solid state, etc. I've used plenty of good inexpensive tube amps, but now, I've got 3 kids and I'm totally looking to scrape the bottom of the barrel while stil sounding ok.

    I play rock, but not metal, and I'm looking for decent clean & overdrive sounds.

    I don't want to hear about any $600 amps!

    I should add that I’d need at least 15 tube watts or 30-60 solid state watts. Used (including very used and ugly) is OK.
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    Re: Really cheap amps!!???

    You should look at the Epiphone Valve amps. Theres a 10 watter a 15 and 25. The 10 has only a volume knob, the 15 has a standard EQ with a gain control but no reverb, and the 20 has no reverb and just a volume. So out of the 3 I would get the 15. If you did want the reverb you could just pickup a pedal later on. Or another option is the Roland Cube series. They're solid state but sound really good. You could get the cube 15 watt for $150-ish I'd say. Good luck

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      Re: Really cheap amps!!???

      Vox Valvetronix combo amp....even better if you can swipe one used.
      Overall, they're the most useful amp you can own, because of all the features and amazingly good tone for the money.
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        Re: Really cheap amps!!???

        I've got a Vox Cambridge up for sale in The Trading post. It's 30w hybrid (solid state with a tube driven preamp). Check the recent Ebay's a heck of a deal.


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          Re: Really cheap amps!!???

          Most people call me crazy for liking them but i liked the solid state Fender line from pre 10 years ago... These new Fender DSP things are junk..... I used to use an old late 80's 1x12 Fender Princton at one time.... Also had a late 80's Fender Deluxe too... The solid state Deluxe amps had more volume and had a better speaker... Why i ever sold that stuff i'll never know. For cheap gear they rocked. A lot of players feel those amps were poop but i really did enjoy them.... Mind you i like a fuzzy sound, kind of like a Boss DS1. These days i have a 7 year old Princton Chorus amp... used it tonight to jam with a drummer i know.... It's speakers crap out early on so stay clear of that model unless ultra low volume is your thing.

          Late 80's and early 90's Fender Solid State stuff for me is kind of fun little thing to bang away thru. Not for everyone. I have lots of tube amps but an easy to carry solid state amp comes in handy and i have my eyes open for used Fender combos.



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            Re: Really cheap amps!!???

            There's a used Reverend Hellhound amp for sale over on the Gear Page. It is about a mid wattage amp 40-60 I think. Selectable. Decent amp, Korean parts, but wired up by hand in the US. They use a circuit board, but they actually wire up the pots and jacks and tube sockets. So, it's got decent reliability. Single 12" speaker. I had one for a while. Pretty darn loud. It had a Schizo switch that was NOT footswitchable, but allowed you to change the tone of the preamp from US to British. Very cool amp for the bucks. Great used values.


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              Re: Really cheap amps!!???

              Look for used Randall stuff, it can't be beat and it goes cheap. Especially the original Randall company output, I love the late 80's stuff and I wholly regret selling my old RG120ES head I am a moron to which my wife will attest ;-)
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                Re: Really cheap amps!!???

                Thanks big black - I'm not really looking for a bedroom setup & I don't think 1 x 10" would move enough air when playing with a drummer. It looks cool, though. I've never heard anything bad about those solid-state voxes.


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                  Re: Really cheap amps!!???

                  Don't be fooled, those Voxes are pretty loud.

                  My fave cheap amp though is the black & silver cosmetic Bandit. Great cleans and decent Transtube OD channel.

                  Another one to look for is the Pro Jr. from Fender. It's basically a Blues Jr. but uses a 10 vs 12" speaker. A local pawn shop had a decent one for $150. I should have snagged it, but didn't have the funds at the time.
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