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  • Have I been mislead?

    I would like to think of myself as thrifty, but after reading comments knocking 100 watt amplifiers, I am beginning to wonder. I've thought about purchasing an Orange AD30, but at the point, I am happy with my setup. I have stellar hearing, or so I have been told. So here's the setup. I have a Marshall 250 DFX modified. The modifications are somewhat complex. The modifications were done by a friend. I'm not sure exactly what was done, as it was a project for an engineering course. I know that the capacitors were replaced, which was rather expensive considering the price of your garden variety capacitor. The modifications made a significant difference in tonal quality and output (headroom). Almost as if a Sonic Maximizer was being used through the FX Loop, but still retaining a warm violene tone. The stock speakers were replaced with Celestion Vintage 30's. In the FX Loop, I have a Presonus Blue Tube, Optical Compressor, Behringer Virtulizer Pro 2024. I play with an Ibanez GIO, with a 59/CC Hybrid in the bridge position. I use only one stomp box, Tech 21 Double Drive. To my ears, the sound is close to my perfections. CLOSE, but not quite. I have a Fender Strat, but I find it less comfortable, which is a big deal for me. It also produces more hum (H-S-S) than the Ibanez. Is the Orange worth the time, money, ect? Or, is the current setup sufficient? What significant differences will I notice. I have played through tube amplifiers before, but felt it saturated the signal too much, Vox, Marshall, Mesa. I really didn't like the Mesa all too much. It was a Triple Rectifier. I have yet to find a store in San Antonio, that carries Orange Amplifiers. I have heard the Orange prevails with light to moderate overdriven tones, and truely excells in the clean department. Any opinions?
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