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  • el-84 help

    I was playing my Hughes and Kettner combo earlier and I blew a tube. I had a replacement and everythings all good now, but i have a couple questions for ya.

    1) What online dealer do you buy your tubes from? Im looking for JJ el-84s.

    2) For those of you who play through an el-84 amp, what do you use for preamp tubes? What kind of tones do you get?
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    Re: el-84 help

    Seeing your in upstate NY, stop by Parkway music. Unless your looking for crazy NOS tubes, they go it all and are extremely friendly to boot.

    As far as preamps tubes, there is no one good preamp tube for all amps. There are some general good ones, but different preamp designs respond different to different tubes as well as what you are looking for.


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      Re: el-84 help

      If your looking for JJ's head over to
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        Re: el-84 help

        For JJ eL84, (the only new production el84's I like)...

        Todd at Revolution Guitar is a good source.

        Bob at Eurotubes is a good source.

        Andy at Mojo is a good source.

        As far as preamp tubes, I'm really digging the long plate JJ Ecc 803S in my Franklin. (my take on a matchless) I know Bob has these, Andy doesn't and I'm not sure about Todd.

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          Re: el-84 help

          I'd recommend getting a couple pairs rated the same, if you can afford it.
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