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should i get my amp modded?

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  • should i get my amp modded?

    I got a Marshall TSL122 that i've been gigging with. I just can't quite get the OD on the lead that i'm looking for. I want more of a raw meaty warm tube drivin sound.... umm, harsh, I like brite too, which the amp does do. I've been tweaking like crazy but can't quite find that sweet spot on the Lead channel. I found the sound on the crunch channel and the clean i can deal. I've been dropping down the gain to below half and it still doesn't get that breakup that i want. The OD is too.... well it almost resembles SS (God forbid). O, i'm playing an epi korina SG with a JB in the bridge and i'll probably get a Seth for the Neck. I guess i'm asking if i should get a mod with, say, voodoo labs, or get a different amp, or maybe use an eq or booster to shape the amps tone, or buy a different amp. I kinda wanna get an amp that's lower wattage so i can drive it more, cuz i play at around 3 for shows right now. I am really intrested in Mods too.....

    sorry this wasn't concise at all, but this is one of those mid life crisis'..... well no, but still with a little bit of yes

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    Re: should i get my amp modded?

    That amp is not real mid-heavy as classic Marshalls usually are. Maybe you could try different speakers with more midrange, like the Celestion G12h or G12m.

    I wouldn't mod that amp. The value would probably go down a lot, and who knows if you would even get what you want.
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      Re: should i get my amp modded?

      Hey thanks..... I'll start looking into my other options then. Do you think switching the power tubes could make a difference, or just pushing the tubes a bit more..... would that help me get a ranchier OD? say, with a booster?


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        Re: should i get my amp modded?

        I got my amp modded at Voodoo Amps. I drove up to Ithaca just to get away with the girlfriend, and spent 3 1/2 hours at Voodoo. The experience made me realize I'd be skeptical to get my amp modded if I couldn't be sitting there giving feedback directly.

        JeffH's Marshall clips sound spectacular, and I don't think he was there while Jeff Seal was doing the mods. But...I don't know if that would work for me personally. YMMV.
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          Re: should i get my amp modded?

          I personally don't like the TSL series but that's just me....Maybe look into a different amp all together if the TSL doesn't get you there? There are literally tons and tons of amps available to us today.The DSL has better tone and less knobs all over the place! ;o)
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