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  • Looper Pedals

    Hey guys.

    I'm seriously thinking about buying a looper pedal in-order to bypass my FX pedals when I'm not using them.

    The main 1's I'm looking at are:

    Monkey FX Badger Baiter -

    Loooper 1 Loop -

    Robert Keeley Looper -

    Has anyone here tried any of these pedals? If so, what did you think? Any pros/cons etc?

    Thanx for any replies.


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    Re: Looper Pedals

    I haven't used them but they are a good thing to have if you have lots of pedals. It allows you to set up a couple of pedal lines and switch between them or just switch between one pedal line and no pedal line. For $25 you can't go wrong with the Keeley looper. You can even build one yourself with 4 mono jacks and a DPDT switch, a 3PDT switch if you want LEDs.


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      Re: Looper Pedals

      Thanx for the post ErikH

      Of the 3, I think the Keeley is the most expensive at £45, but it is also the smallest. So it wouldn't take up as much space on my pedalboard compared to the others

      I'm going to have a look into building 1 too, I hadn't thought of that an an option to be honest