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AX84 amp designs... anyone used them?

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  • AX84 amp designs... anyone used them?

    Iím thinking about starting off simply with the AX84 P-1 designÖ just to get my feet wet. Iíve really been wanting to dive into the world of amplifiers, and since Iím a ďhands-onĒ learner this type of beginner type build might be perfect.

    Anyone built using AX84ís designs? How did it turn out?
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    Re: AX84 amp designs... anyone used them?

    [QUOTE=MikeS]Anyone built using AX84ís designs? [QUOTE]

    Once or twice. Made the mistake of starting with the HO and doing my own layout in a less-than-ideal combo chassis. It had some layout/ lead dress/ oscillation issues. But later builds of the same circuit showed me that layout/ lead dress really do affect tone even when all the parts are the same.

    Start with the P1 or octal P1. Leave room for a second preamp tube so you can convert to an HO later if you want to.