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Modding a Peavey Classic 30

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  • Modding a Peavey Classic 30

    I'm trying to get near Clapton's Beano tone. Instead of spending the $'s on the Marshall Bluesbreaker combo, I want to try and mod my Peavey Classic 30. Do you think that swapping the stock speaker and tubes for a Greenback and Groove Tube KT66HP's (touted as the tubes Clapton used) will set me on that road?

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    Re: Modding a Peavey Classic 30

    I have a Classic 30. Personally, I would not put a Greenback into that amp. I tried it and IMO it was horrible. The OD channel on the C30 can be rather harsh if you're not carefull and the Greenback seems to specialize in extended upper mid's and highs. In a darker amp a Greenback is great but not in a C30. You might be better off with either a Weber Blue Dog or a Hellatone 30.
    As far as tubes go a KT66 will not fit into the tube sockets. It's a completely differant design. The best thing to do would be to talk to Bob at eurotubes. The web site is Bob os an extreamely helpful, friendly person who knows his stuff and he'll set you up right. Tell him what you want and he'll get you there. good luck.


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      Re: Modding a Peavey Classic 30

      Poke around on the Peavey Forum as well for some ideas.
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        Re: Modding a Peavey Classic 30

        Originally posted by Wattage
        Poke around on the Peavey Forum as well for some ideas.
        If you're handy with a soldering iron, there's alot of simple tweaks that can be done to that amp.
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