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BBE Sonic Stomp?

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  • BBE Sonic Stomp?

    I have heard a little about these, but what exactly do they do? Need I purchase one?
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    Re: BBE Sonic Stomp?

    not only is it a cheap plug for my BBE stomp for sale but if you read the replies in my FS post you will see reviews from other owners.



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      Re: BBE Sonic Stomp?

      Originally posted by fuzzyratfarts
      I have heard a little about these, but what exactly do they do? Need I purchase one?
      I love mine... I always keep it on. As far as what they do... I don't really know... but it works! It basically makes your speakers sound better... clearer. I read the manual a while back and I think what they described is that the bass frequencies get to your ear faster than the treble frequencies, and your ear translates this as a muddier tone. The BBE pedal normalizes the frequencies so they get to your ear at the same time.... something like that.

      If I were you I'd get one at a place that has a return policy and test it through your rig... preferrably in a band setting. If you're not impressed then return it. But I think you'll be happy.
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