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  • H+K Matrix 100

    I'm looking in to getting a head to pair with my Avatar 4x12 that I purchased last year. I've been running a Squier practice amp into it, but as you would imagine, it sounds horrible. I know most people here will tell me to get a tube amp, but the fact is, I want something I can play loud and hard and fast with, but I can only spend $400 tops. That brings me to my question- Does anyone know anything about the Hughes and Kettner Matrix 100 head as it appears to be a viable option? Also, does anyone have any recommendations on another good head for under $400? I play a modded Squier Standard strat for now, but I hope to get a new guitar within the next half-year or so. I play stuff like Green Day, Sabbath, Hendrix, Shadow's Fall, Lamb of God etc.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, guys.
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    Re: H+K Matrix 100

    Need to find something? Let the Musician's Friend site map guide you to the products you're looking for.

    I haven't heard anything about the HK Matrix but I've been reading great reviews about this Behringer V-Ampire head. I initially thought about getting one, but my financial situation ended up getting better and I went with a tube amp. but, the Behringer was the first place I started looking and it was the first amp I considered buying. The price ain't bad either!


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      Re: H+K Matrix 100

      Here is a link to the review section at Harmony-Central for the Matrix 100. The sound clip at Musician's Friend sounded great, but of course, that's the job of the clip. The clip sounded like it was overloaded with effects.

      Generally, I love Hughes & Kettner stuff, but I've never heard this amp in person.

      Here's the MF link. Give a listen to the clip. Listen all the way through as it gets heavier towards the end. It sounds like someone is influenced a lot by Alex Lifeson here. It would make sense as he is one of their endorsers.
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      Originally posted by DankStar
      700 watts is ok for small clubs, but when you play with a loud drummer or at a medium-large sized venue, you really need 1,500-watts at least. no one should be left alive.