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Steve's new plexitone clip got me thinking

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  • Steve's new plexitone clip got me thinking

    Why in the H-E-double hockeysticks can people like Barber and Carl Martin put out such wonderful sounding gain pedals in teeny weeny little boxes for $100-$200, yet NOT ONE FRIGGIN AMP COMPANY CAN MAKE A SOLID STATE AMP THAT SOUNDS 1/2 AS GOOD EVEN AT 3 TIMES THE PRICE????

    What's the issue? the power amp section?...The old marshall SS/preamp,Tube power amp heads sounded pretty good too.....

    I just don't get it...why can't Peavey or Randall or Marshall or whomever design a decent sounding preamp like CM and Barber (and I'm sure many others), pair it with a decent poweramp section, speaker and cab, and sell it for $750?

    no makey sense....
    I'm an internet person. All we do is waste time evaluating things that have next-to-zero real world significance.

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    Re: Steve's new plexitone clip got me thinking

    I've been wondering that for years. You read my mind. Maybe you just gave Carl Martin an idea, LOL.
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    Originally posted by DankStar
    700 watts is ok for small clubs, but when you play with a loud drummer or at a medium-large sized venue, you really need 1,500-watts at least. no one should be left alive.


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      Re: Steve's new plexitone clip got me thinking

      Heh no not a new idea, but the reason pedals sounds good is because of the amp, that is a tube one.
      Anyways we have made a small record amp, it is all analouge and no tubes, and the simulation is quite good, and through a good console it sounds very very good.
      Recorded with music you would have a very hard time telling the tube amp from the small direct record amp.
      But I really do not think that most players are really ready for SS amps, and to be honest I still think that tube amps that have a good design, is a better platform for most players.