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The "best" amp I've ever owned...part 2

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    Re: The "best" amp I've ever owned...part 2

    I wouldn't call Matchless amps "swiss army amps." They're fairly straightforward simple amps that do their sound to perfection. The knobs are fairly interactive, and you can get most guitars dialed in nicely. If you're the type of player that needs channel switching, highgain, etc, the Matchless won't be the right amp.
    I love mine, but I kinda need something more versatile for use with a band.
    The Bogner is the swiss army amp. I'm almost afraid to take the Matchless out of the house, because a few scrapes can knock it's value down by hundreds of dollars. If I decided to use it, I'd probably try and find a beatup Matchless headshell, so I wouldn't worry about it. They scuff really easily.
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      Re: The "best" amp I've ever owned...part 2

      I've played through a few Bad Cats, but they didn't appeal to me much. I was recently looking to purchase a new combo amp with a great clean sound, the badcat was great, but it kept breaking up at higher volumes, i ended up getting an amazing 1968 fedner silverface super reverb, which probably has the most amazing clean sound i ever heard.
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