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My amp died.............

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    Re: My amp died.............

    Originally posted by bvc310
    Actually, a lot of ampegs come with 3 fuses, mains, and 2 heaters... as well as some other amplifiers, it is done to protect the tubes. You will probably be looking at another problem if the heater fuse blew as in most cases(over 50% of which) there is an underlying internal cause to a blown fuse. Take it to a competant tech(which are hard to find) and let them take care of it. Youll save time and your life possibly.
    IMO, you should, if not properly trained and educated, take it to a tech. I have see too many hack jobs in my shop which have cause much greater problems then the original cause. You will probably save money in the end.
    this week, i say a $30 dollar repair turn inot a $250 repair all beucae the owner decided to cheap out and not fix teh original problem(a blown voice coil and dead tube)
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      Re: My amp died.............

      Thanx for the replies guys

      I thought something may be wrong when I started getting overpowered by a Peavey Bandit

      Originally posted by Simon_F
      I reckon an output valve died and you've been running on just one for a while. There are only 2 power valves in a JTM60 - the big ones (EL34s). Are they both glowing? (Take the black metal grille thing off if you can't see properly). An EL34 died in my JTM60 once and the symptom was a sudden drop in volume.
      When I last had the amp switched on, from what I remember only 1 of the power valves was glowing, but it was glowing much brighter than it had before. It was almost like someone was shining an orange torch into the back of my amp!

      IF I do decide to try new power valves, will the amp not need biasing etc? I've never dealt with valves etc before, so I don't really know what I have to do or what valves to use as replacements etc.

      Thanx for the advice


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        Re: My amp died.............

        i had the same thing happen to my JTM60 after i had bought it. they ended up fixing the OT.

        i had so so so so so much trouble with that amp and i thank god sold it.

        i dont want to turn you off and the amp sounded pretty darn good when i first got it. but after awhile after fixing it all the time, it lost tone.

        my best experience was putting 6L6's in it. try it, i thought it sounded way better.

        but i sold the sucker and it was the best thing that happened to me.
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          Re: My amp died.............

          Originally posted by Brow
          IF I do decide to try new power valves, will the amp not need biasing etc? I've never dealt with valves etc before, so I don't really know what I have to do or what valves to use as replacements etc.
          Biasing isn't essential on every valve change, especially if you replace the valves with the same brand/spec as the ones that are in there. Having said that, with the problem you're having it's probably a good idea to get the amp checked over by a tech anyway, in which case you may as well get the bias checked/set. The EL34s that come stock in Marshalls are usually Svetlanas, but often Marshall-branded. You can buy the Marshall-branded EL34s in pairs from Marshall dealers.


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            Re: My amp died.............

            Thanx for the posts guys

            I'm going to buy some replacement valves myself, and then get the amp looked at by a good tech. That way I know I'm not being overcharged on valves etc

            I've been contemplating selling the amp for a while, but I'll see how I go with it once it's fixed.



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              Re: My amp died.............

              I'd bring the amp to a tech BEFORE you swap the tubes out.

              If only one of them was glowing the amp was working at half-power for a while (like a few days or weeks of use) then there's probably some kind of internal damage. At the very least it probably took out some screen resistors, maybe caps...hopefully not scarred tube sockets & a shorted output tranny. It's also possible that you may be able to put new tubes in and keep jammin' away, but previous experiece makes me say that it's not very likely and there's a possibility of doing more damage and ending up with an even bigger repair bill.

              Besides, most good techs will have a selection of tubes & can pick a set based on the tones you want to hear and will have access to better tubes then you can mind in most music shops. And really...being charged another $15 or $20 on a set of tubes is the least of it when tech time is $50-100 an hour.
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                Re: My amp died.............

                I remember looking in the back of the amp before it stopped working, and all the valves were glowing.

                It was only after I lost all volume that I looked in the back and then only 1 power valve was glowing very brightly.

                I'm definitely taking it in for repair, as I don't trust myself to not make damage the amp further or to injure myself