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  • quirky sounding amps

    now that i have that sweet schematics site, i want some ideas for a quirky sounding amp. What's a design that has a very unconventional tone? Like something really different, but is pleasing? No fenders, marshalls, voxes...etc..
    2004 50th Anniversary Deluxe American Strat, SETH-N BRIDGE, ANT 2 SURFER MIDDLE, ANT 2 DLX MINI HUM NECK

    280K RS guitarworks volume pot, 250k cts tone pots, .047uf paper in oil Jensen aluminum capacitor, running D'addario Chromes 13's with wound g > Analogman Orange Juicer>Acoustic 200H Bass head> Alesis Picoverb> unknown 12'' JBL Orange car speaker

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    Re: quirky sounding amps

    silvertone or a gibson les paul amp. very cool. selmers also come to mind as orange amps. good luck!!!
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      Re: quirky sounding amps

      How about the Duncan amp?
      Oh no.....

      Oh Yeah!


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        Re: quirky sounding amps

        Jimmy Page got the good Zep tones from a Supro.
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          Re: quirky sounding amps

          I have an old Silvertone Twin Twelve that I'm looking to dump in favor of a more conventional amp. Although you wouldn't be building it, it needs a lot of work and might be a fun project if you like quirky amps. Let me know if you're interested.