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Questions: RE-New EPI Valve Standard Tube Guitar Amplifier

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  • Questions: RE-New EPI Valve Standard Tube Guitar Amplifier

    Epiphone Valve Standard Tube Guitar Amplifier (12 Inch, 15 Watts, Class A with Digital Effects)
    The Epiphone Valve Standard is a 15-Watt Class A push-pull MONSTER. This straight forward tone box also provides 16 digital effects, a separate digital reverb and a 12-inch speaker.

    I was wondering if anyone has tried or purchased this amp. It uses several EL 84's and a couple of 12AX7's. I have been missing the jangly, squishy sound that is EL 84's since I sold my Laney VC30 last year.

    This amp comes with a lifetime warranty, uses a 12" speaker, has a fairly deep cab for a small amp which should help the bass. It does have digital reverb, chorus, flanger and delay too. The reverb does have a level control. I like the vintage looks and I have several speakers I can swap in for the hell of it. This amp is under 300 bucks with free shipping and it is new.

    Let me know what you think? Thanks for your advice.