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Scored an original X-100 Scholz Rockman

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    Originally posted by BloodRose View Post
    Good to know! was going to ask how it actually works. I know the hotplates and some of the others can be steep. I have a super cheap no name thing I bought off of ebay. I was chaining 2 together. cool thing with my splawn is that I can run the loop as a master too. But, it doesnt work well if you do try to push alil more volume . But, Kinda the point huh?? haha
    Anything lower than -8db cut on my Hotplate and the tone really suffers. I put my meter on my Hotplate to measure impedance. the -8db cut is roughly 16 ohm but any other setting & the impedance is all over the place as thats the way its designed. Scholz Engineered the power soak with guitar players in mind. Cab impedance is 4/8/8 for speakers > thats 4 ohm cab = amp see's 4 ohms / 8 ohm cab = amp see's 8 ohms / 16 ohm cab = amp see's {8 ohms} instead of 16 and thats cool cuz its an 8 ohm load with a 16 ohm cab for my MESA Boogies without using a loadbox. Scholz power soak is the one man.
    Also the only way you really run into issues with these devices is if you are really cranking the amp and if thats the case you'd be better off just running amp by itself.
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      Took advantage of the gorgeous weather today and went to a local State Park with the Rockman & a Les Paul. I can't even remember the last time i played outside. The Rockman is so versitile and great sounding, im really loving it.
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