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Peavey vs Orange ??

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  • Peavey vs Orange ??

    I am trying to settle a friendly debate with a good friend.
    Your input would be very interesting.

    Which of these two amp set ups would YOU rather have for the below mentioned genres ?

    Blues, Blues Rock, Classic Rock and maybe some early-Soundgarden inspired riffs ?
    Peavey 5150/6505 60W 2X12 combo
    Orange Thunderverb 50 with ported 2X12 cab

    The poll is expired.

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    Get the orange and put an SD-1 in front for 5150 levels of gain.


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      Originally posted by Top-L View Post
      Get the orange and put an SD-1 in front for 5150 levels of gain.
      But do you even need 50% of the gain available, on a 5150, for the above mentioned genres ?
      Formerly known as; SirJackdeFuzz (7400+ posts)


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        No I dont think so, hence my vote for the Orange
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          The Orange would be better for all of those, except maybe the Soundgarden stuff. But neither of them would be a first choice for blues, blues rock or classic rock.
          Dave, Ambassador/Writer/Artist for Seymour Duncan


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            6505 all the way, it's ballsy, doesn't need a single thing to go from blues to rock to thrash.

            I have never liked a single tone from orange.

            That's just my two cents worth
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              I love other people playing Orange amps but can never dial them in for myself. Voting Peavey but like Dave neither would be my first choice

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                Very interesting.

                Keep 'em coming.
                Formerly known as; SirJackdeFuzz (7400+ posts)


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                  have not played the Thunderverb but I would be more inclined to give that one a shot first.
                  I've had two 15W orange amps and they have a ton of gain on tap and can get fairly modern sounding but they sound pretty decent when dialed back for the above genres. That leaves me confident that at least something could be pulled from the thunderverb

                  With the 6505, I've only played the 6505+ but like... I'm not an expert on that amp but seems like it really wants to do hard rock and metal
                  Is the clean channel any good on those? I don't remember ever trying the cleans lol

                  I kinda wanna know what the OP and his friend are thinking the better one is and why and more than that I would like to hear how it sounds.