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    I'm doing a new series called Jon's Tone Chronicles and the basic idea is that I try a different guitar and amp combination in each episode. Just to find some killer combo's and talk about the gear used and the signal-chain etc. Just short videos but a good excuse to have some fun and talk about gear.

    Anyway, so for this first episode I initially went with my Mini Rectifier (as can also be heard in the video) but in the end I felt like I needed to use an amp with more midrange 'bark' and cut. So I tried my 6505 MH and it had a very different attitude in the mix. It seemed to compliment the guitar better. Overall it just reminded me of how awesome this little amp is and that I need to use it more often!

    A lot of killer mini amps have been released in recent years but the MH still is very convincing imho. It's versatile because of all the switches and options but it also just has that 'right' saturation that the 6505 of 5150 is known for. I highly recommend this amp because it sounds good, it's affordable and it's versatile. If you're looking for something to crank up super loud on-stage perhaps check out the 120w heads though.

    Check it out:

    I'm also curious about the Invective MH. Has anyone had the chance to compare it to the 6505 MH?
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    Cool tone! I would've personally dialed in a bit less mids, but I'm more of a 90's old school kinda metal tone guy.

    I actually find it kind of odd that you find a 57 more scooped than a JB. I wouldn't consider any EMG I've tried "scooped" because they barely have anything going on in the low-end compared to passives. Not really airy or detailed up top either. I get what you're saying, though. The JB is pretty snarly and barky, and the 57 is smoother.