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Bargain score, Bugger-all "vintage" (LOL) 22

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  • Bargain score, Bugger-all "vintage" (LOL) 22

    Needed money, traded way down the tube amp ladder but got more than what I was hoping for given my absurd $200 budget. $200 for a tube amp? Why not just get a modeler!? Cuz hot glass sounds good loud... But I digest

    Searched and was thinking it would have to be a bugera v5 or valve jr, or Peavey valve king vk112 or do you do remember those old crate palominos, and some stuff like vht special 6 not ultra, that's the kinda stuff that kept coming up. Was leaning toward vht but saw for $200 a bugera v22 that was on good condition and not suffering any of the common problems with reverb or channel switching or overheating so... I thought how bad could it sound? It had a microphonic tube so I got another $15 off.

    The reverb is crap and placed before the tone stack so the tone controls have a wild effect on the verb character. Not a great design there if you ask me. Stock speaker was ok but the attack was very clucky, luckily I had an Eminence laying around.
    i tightened literally every screw on the thing. Had that "built on a Friday afternoon" feel a little. Rattled a little before tightening everything, much better now. Glad that worked.

    With the new tube and new speaker I really can't complain especially for the price. Kinda like a slightly less ballsy peavey classic 30 crossed with a less honky/sizzly vox night train. The feel is pretty punchy but there's good sustain on the clean channel. I do miss the compression of the Princeton
    Haven't tried any pedals yet strangely, still getting to know this strange cheap beast.

    ​​​​​​Not a big fan of the bugera badge. Big chrome eyesore. Here I've covered it with this jazzmaster Click image for larger version

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    I could rock that setup all day long with a giant smile on my face. Nice score!

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      So far it's quite a bit of fun and i just hope it keeps working for a while! Hopefully it withstands some more months of being overdriven.
      Also hoping for time to play loud, when all the family members leave the house lol

      ​​​​​​Haha also the plastic cabinet covering is so soft it's like you could rip it with your fingernail.

      Clean channel sounds pretty wicked with a big muff at loud tv levels. In some ways this has the rocker 15 I sold beat for my purposes. The v22 clean has more gain stages than the rocker natural channel and it gives that big amp feel a little sooner and has a full tone stack and presence. The rocker 15 had great midrange but the bass falls apart quickly, just the difference in moving to a 12" combo has given me a lot more bass at medium volumes, keeping that big muff big wide scooped sound at louder volumes is a big plus.

      If I get a rocker again I will hunt a el34 rocker 30 and a proper cab, liked the rocker 15 but it did need a little more for how I was using it, plus I got a bunch of money for trading to this.


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        I like my Bugera G5
        it does all the stuff I want it to
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          Also the bright input is more of a bass cut, interesting design choice on that.
          I'll plug my SG into it today, haven't done that yet.

          And yeah the G5 looks cool, at some point I need to invest in a keeper cabinet so I can take advantage of head format amps.


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            Yeah man, there's "something special" about tubes...

            I bought the next cheapest on the list, a "Blackstar Ht-20mkII", because I was stolen 800USD from my meth-head neighbors,

            was after a Fender Princeton Reverb.

            but "i will survive" ....

            crank it and enjoy, man!

            what speaker are you using now? I'm maybe changing out my stock speaker, for something that suits me better.


            If somethings important- send a PM. I might be offline for long periods. Rock on!!!


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              The speaker I'm using is one I've used for a long time with a few amps, it's called Eminence Reignmaker, and it has a knob on the back that makes a gap between the speaker magnet and the thing inside that moves the speaker cone, leading to an adjustable amount of volume drop that sounds really good
              Speaker with built in Attenuator
              i believe they discontinued it, but used you can still find some of the Maverick speaker which is the same thing with less mids and less cone breakup, same built in Attenuator

              But wouldn't you know it, I mostly leave the attenuation OFF, because it effects the treble the most, and a lot of PUNCH in the low end can be lost if there's no treble to let the note attack come out. Plus my clean channel still doesn't breakup at bedroom volumes even with max attention so what's the point?

              ​​​​​​I would say it's closest to their Private Jack in terms of sound, and it had the fastest breakup of any 12" speaker I've ever played. It has a papery sound with it's own distortion, and starts to sound like a smaller speaker, with honk and little flabbiness. I dunno if everyone would even like that sound, sometimes I don't even like it! But if you turn up the gain it all blends in and gives it some fuzzy 70s rock character.

              And cheers i hope you get a Princeton someday and that I get another one someday as well.
              I'm poor right now by choice in a way, quit my job without having anything lined up, and my town is small with few opportunities! But, I'm so less stressed out since quitting that job, as long as I have a tube amp and a guitar left I'd trade rooms full of gear to never work with family again!


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                And yes sometimes, crank it!!!
                sometimes you have to lower the volume and play something smooth, and try not to wake everyone...
                Click image for larger version

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                  You may want to try a Cannibis Rex. It might not have as much looseness in the low end. And it's very efficient, 103dbs or something like that. Great mids and the top end has that papery feel that you mentioned.
                  But the Reignmaker was a great idea.

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                    I'd always wondered about the cannabis rex, I'll definitely look into that. I had a Texas heat once that was a well rounded speaker witha definitely smoky character


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                      Originally posted by FuseG4 View Post
                      I'd always wondered about the cannabis rex, I'll definitely look into that. I had a Texas heat once that was a well rounded speaker witha definitely smoky character
                      I have one of those in a ported 2x12 along with a Swamp Thang. I never worry about turning up the 200 watt ss Randall head that's running through it.

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                        thanks for the reply FuseG4

                        rock on \m/

                        If somethings important- send a PM. I might be offline for long periods. Rock on!!!


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                          With the gain channel set cleanish I can now really see the deluxe reverb thing they were going for
                          it's got no trem and the reverb I've tried to find use for but always hate
                          But the juicy cleans and light breakup is pretty dang similar and the tone stack works pretty much the same as a deluxe reverb with the bass and treble having about the same range of adjustment and same interaction changing the mid scoop center frequency, so long as you set the mids control to about 4 which is about the value on the control that simulates the fixed mids resistor on the DR

                          nice bass response, the low strings have snap and girth up to some surprisingly loud levels