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Celestion creamback 65 or 75 to mix with vintage 30?

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  • Celestion creamback 65 or 75 to mix with vintage 30?

    This goes with my other thread about speakers for my Mesa 50 cal plus head. I have decided that one of the speakers I am going to put in my 2x12 is a vintage 30.
    I want to mix another speaker with it to help fill in what the 30 lacks.
    I have been reading of people using the creamback 65 or 75 with it. I want to get a good hard rock metal tone l. But also want to get good cleans and a good blues/classic rock tone. I will check out other suggestions as well. I’ve listened to clips of the K100, G12t-75 my cab has the Eminence versions of these and they sound awful with my amp. I’ve also listened to the lynchback and evh speakers as well.
    im not brand loyal so if there’s some Eminence or other speakers That would work for my needs I will check them out as well. I do like the idea of mixing speakers I have never done it before I usually just buy matching pairs. But mixing them may be the trick to give me tones I want.

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    What is it that you think a well broken in Vintage 30 lacks? They are very even, middle of the road sounding speakers. They give out what you put into them. E.q. adjustment will give you whatever it is you believe the V30 "lacks."

    Keep in mind that Vintage 30s take a good while to break in. Most of the complaints about them probably come from people judging brand new ones. The tone you hear when putting in new ones is dramatically stiff compared to what they sound like once played for 100 hours. They are super stiff out of the gate, but loosen up very, very nicely in time, to end up sounding very full ranged and even, capable of giving you whatever you dial into them from the amp/rig. That's why they've been an industry standard for so long; they're relatively neutral.

    Also keep in mind that multiple speakers of the same type work very, very well together. Cabs are usually supplied that way for good reason. I would advise some research on the issue of why using two different speaker types can create unintended effects.

    That said, if you get the right two speakers together, it can sound good. But predicting what you're gonna get is tough, and a Vintage 30 is notoriously hard to find a good partner for. Usually the V30 dominates, and the other speaker just makes everything sound more messy.

    Again, I think that most people who are so unhappy with a pair of V30s that they feel one of them must be replaced are people who need to play their speakers 4 hours a day for a month before judging anything.
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      Don't overlook the classic-lead 80. In a closed 212 it will add some width to the v30 focus. It's not quite as "modern/hi-fi" as a t75 or k100 either.


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        The Vintage 30 is like a JB pickup. It's not really sparkly trebley but it's highs are like an ice pick in my ear. Penetrating.

        It's a great speaker if that doesn't bother you but it does bother me.
        “Practice cures most tone issues” - John Suhr


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          Originally posted by Lewguitar View Post
          The Vintage 30 is like a JB pickup. It's not really sparkly trebley but it's highs are like an ice pick in my ear. Penetrating.

          It's a great speaker if that doesn't bother you but it does bother me.
          Once I tried Mesa branded V30s (slightly different than standard) with my Mesa amp it all clicked in my head. Both the Mark type and Dual Rectifier type gain tones really sing with the V30. The Black Shadow is good for cleans and edge of breakup, but it always had too much high end for the presence the Mesa’s can make.

          OP, can you do one Mesa V30 and one Black Shadow?

          I’ve not tried it but the Creamback 75 might work with the V30. I prefer the Creamback 65 by itself, and for clean/classic rock gain levels.
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            Everyone has their favorites and Celestions are my favorite 12" speakers.

            After owning (not just trying) many different models over the last 50 years, my favorite ceramic mag 12 is the G12H30.

            I'd suggest two of those., although I don't use them in every amp.

            In my AC30 I use Celestion G12 alnicos.
            “Practice cures most tone issues” - John Suhr


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              You can't go wrong with either. I mix the H75 with V30s in an X pattern in my Friedman cabinet and it sounds great. The M65 may get you closer to the classic rock/blues tones, but the H75 can do it too. I found the M65 not as great under high gain as the H75.


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                I had a Bogner OS 2x12 (Creamback 75/V30) a few years back that handled itself with plexi-high gain tones very well. They balanced each other out from what I remember. I think its an underrated pairing for celestions.

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                  I'd suggest the Creamback 65.It's a warmer sounding speaker. In comparison, the 75 will sound brighter than the 65. To my ears anyways. I installed two 65's in my Peavey 5150 212 combo and it sounds great. Here's a really good comparison between the two speakers.