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First impressions of Mesa Boogie Mark III

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    Re: First impressions of Mesa Boogie Mark III

    I'm a Mark III man myself, and as far as the effects loop, I'm sorry, I'm not to big into effects. I have a wah and a phase, and I put them both inline going to the amp input.

    About the Graphic EQ, just keep that switch on EQ IN. Leave it all the time, and say hello to your best friend.

    Actually, take it off, and dial in a nice base coat sound. Now, dial in the V setting on the EQ, turn it to IN, and tweak away, you'll find that the EQ can make massive differences, one being that the bass response on that EQ is tighter than the bass response from the knob. Mids are also very different on there. I love that EQ. What power tubes do you have in yours?

    Oh, and definitly check out the website that DeadSkinSlayer recommended, it is THE Mesa forum. Lots of knowledge there.