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Fulltone Fulldrive II Mosfet 10th Anniversary

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  • Fulltone Fulldrive II Mosfet 10th Anniversary

    My trigger finger ITCHES!

    For a versatile overdrive ranging from bluesy/jazzy breakup to articulate medium gain to clear note seperation to articulation and smoothness to overall GREAT TONE...

    My mom will get me a really really nice pedal for Christmas, and I think this may be the one.

    Should I pull the trigger or should I look elsewhere?

    This is the Fulltone writeup on the pedal:

    "To celebrate 10 years of the Fulldrive2 I've come up with a special MOSFET switchable version in Burnt Orange Metallic with White lettering! Beautiful looking, and the expanded sounds with the MOSFET switch are guaranteed to make this an instant classic!

    What does the MOSFET setting offer? Amazingly rich mids and a very Dum***-like lead tone in "Vintage Mode" "FM Mode"an extremely chimey, open stinging Texas-Blues sound that cuts through any mix."
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    Re: Fulltone Fulldrive II Mosfet 10th Anniversary

    I am a little hampered by my old brain, but MOSFET stands for Metal Oxide Semiconductor...Field Effect Transistor.

    From the standpoint of MOSFET technology, the MOSFET was the first highly touted solid-state transistor device that was "able" to reproduce smoother "tube like" sounds. Don't caught up in the "hype" of a manufacture's website, but rely on those that have real world experience with this product.

    MOSFET technology is nothing new, and does have the advantage of generally lower current draw, for long battery life in stomp boxes. Regular FET switching has been used for decades for on/off switching for pop/click free operation.

    Good Luck, and happy shopping!

    Can anyone else help our brother out? TTT


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      Re: Fulltone Fulldrive II Mosfet 10th Anniversary

      Will...Im surprised that this hasn't been mentioned on the forum yet! A buddy of mine got one and he said it simply kills...I really want to get one but I keep putting it off. I have been thinking about gettin an FD2 fo a while now and I think tha the Mosfet option is what it needed to puch me over the edge!
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        Re: Fulltone Fulldrive II Mosfet 10th Anniversary

        I have never heard it, but I can say I LOVE the comp/cut mode on my FULLDRIVE 2, and I have had a good experience with FULLTONE gear but ONLY with great classic tone amps like FENDERS and MARSHALLS. Mike Fuller literally designs his pedals around testing with old Deluxe and Plexi amps. I have not liked some of my fulltones thru newer Mesas etc.

        The COMP CUT mode is soooo harmonically rich and shimmery, you can use it with most any amp.

        I just realized I did not answer your question hahaha
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          Re: Fulltone Fulldrive II Mosfet 10th Anniversary

          I bought the 23'rd orange Fulldrive in 96, which was my introduction to OD pedals that didn't suck. I used it for a couple years, then went through about 10 others, including another blue FDII, till I settled on the Klon Centaur as my favorite.

          I've already talked to you about this pedal through PM's. I'm buying this new 10th Ann. pedal. I almost pulled the trigger tonight, but I'm waiting till after the Holidays probably. I just sold a few pieces of gear I don't need, so that'll cover it. I don't even need to hear it. Mike Fuller's name is on it.

          It looks sweet too......burnt metallic orange. It's stupid NOT to buy one, because you can use it, and if you ever want to sell it, you can sell it for face value, or more. It's an instant classic.
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            Re: Fulltone Fulldrive II Mosfet 10th Anniversary

            zendrive, mosferatu, blackstone
            Those are other "boutique" FET drives out there, basicly the FET will depending on which one is used give you a more crisp and actually a softer clip, but it saturates fast and will not give you much headroom, but that is ok for most I belive
            I have also fiddled with FET drives for a very long time now, it needs alittle different approach than normal 4148 diodes and LED's, have been through a ton of OP-amps to get rid of that sometimes too fresh topend without sacrificing the overall sound.
            Our first FET drive will probally see the light next year as well, lol seems that the whole world has gone FET insane again
            Anyways I think that the ZEN drive is the Dumble in a box king, Alf Hermida is making one great od there!
            Or look into the Eternity drive from Lovepedal.
            I think it is using FET's too, sounds that way to me
            Fulltone is far from the only player now, some guys makes stuff that is unbeliveable out there now, these are good times for effect freaks
            Anyways I have a Aramat TS-style od with two FET's and a Germanium diode wired assymetrically.
            Still it sounds very Tubescreamer like, abit more real and fatter.