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  • Boss Katana Mini

    I picked up a Boss Katana Mini so I can have an amp to take outside and jam when the weather warms up or move around the house with ease. Wasn't expecting much with how small the mini is and being battery powered and all. And it looks like a lunch box... But holy crap this baby rocks! Awesome sounding little amp and its pretty loud too for 7 watts. All 3 channels are very good and the delay is nice. This may just be the greatest gift to myself that's guitar related I have ever bought. What an amp. Love it! I'm considering picking up the Katana 50 now...

    Anyone have one of these? Thoughts?
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    I have a 50, but not a Mini.


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      Originally posted by ICTGoober View Post
      I have a 50, but not a Mini.
      Get the Mini too


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