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Need tubes... Plz help!

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  • Need tubes... Plz help!

    Hey guys,

    I think my Marshall TSL602 needs new tubes. The sound is lacking bottom end and the highs sound kinda fizzy now. I've noticed some crackling and doesn't hold a sustaining chord like it used to. Is it time for new tubes? Please recommend a pair of tubes and where to get them. Also, is it necessary to take my amp to a tech to have it re-baised? Are there tube I can just plug and play? Plz help! This is the first time I've had to replace tubes so what I get may be based on your suggestions.

    If it helps, I play mostly metal, punk rock, and classic rock.

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    Re: Need tubes... Plz help!

    EH EL34s. IMO they sound exactly like EL34s should and are quite reasonably priced.
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      Re: Need tubes... Plz help!

      +1 on that

      and yes you need to rebias, no way around it, unless you get the EXACT same kind of tube, and even then you usually have to rebias, just to be on the safe side
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