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how can i set my gear?

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  • how can i set my gear?

    can anybody can suggest the order of my pedal board?
    i've a dunlop cry baby, a boss super overdrive, a zoom 2020 effects processor and a pedal tuner.
    what order i need?

    sorry for my broken english!!

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    Re: how can i set my gear?

    Depends on your ears.. do you want to distort your wah or have wah on your distortion, for example...

    I PERSONALLY would likely go with Tuner -> Wah -> Distortion /OD ->Zoom ->amp first, and then start swapping around till I found the order in which they sound best to me
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      Re: how can i set my gear?

      See, I'd go:


      I assume you use the Zoom for modulation effects and such?

      Doing Distortion/OD before the Wah means you can dirty your wah up, but if you want you OD to be wah'd do it the way Z suggested.


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        Re: how can i set my gear?

        Well of course something like this is personal preference. However some guidlines can be found through the Zenman of Pedals, Robert Keeley.
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