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Compare/constrast Marshall MVs

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  • chill
    Re: Compare/constrast Marshall MVs

    On 1987/1959 style circuits I like the post PI better, on 2203/2204 style circuits I like the pre-PI better, but it's a matter of taste, personal preference, etc.

    That particular amp is one of the Marshall oddities. More gain than a 1959 because that stage before the PI is a gain stage. The tone stack feeding it is plate driven instead of CF driven. Post PI master (the only other factory post PI which comes to mind is the 4001 Studio 15) 1.5K grid stoppers and a local NFB loop with the power tube plate caps bleeding off some of the top end. The powercell came up on the plexipalace board a couple years ago and I believe the owner's description of it was "like Aerosmith" or something to that effect.

    Hope that cured your gas.

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  • Rich_S
    started a topic Compare/constrast Marshall MVs

    Compare/constrast Marshall MVs

    My unnatural obsession notwithstanding, I have a question about Marshall master volume controls.

    The amp in that link is the first I've heard of a "factory" post-PI MV in a Marshall. I always thought post-PI MVs were something we inflicted on NMV Marshalls to get them somewhat under control. My personal experience has always been with 2203 & 2204's with the MV between the tonestack and PI.

    So, to the question: who has experience with post-PI MVs in Marshalls, either original or mods? How do they compare/contrast with the more common pre-PI type? WHy do you suppose Marshall switched, just because the single-pot, pre-PI version is $1 cheaper to build? (Okay, $3 if you include the labor.)

    Inquiring (though pehaps warped) minds want to know.